Washington University in St. Louis

Game Theory for Political Scientists

Fall 2023, Associate Professor

Technical University of Munich

Game Theory for Political Scientists

Winter 2022-23, 2020-2021, Summer 2022, Assistant Professor

Politics of Debt and Finance

Summer 2021, Assistant Professor

Texas A&M University

POLSCI 308: Game Theoretic Methods in Political Science (Undergraduate)

Spring 2017, 2018, Assistant Professor

POLSCI 635: International Political Economy (Graduate)

Spring 2020, Assistant Professor

POLSCI 412: International Political Economy (Undergraduate)

Fall 2019, 2018, 2015, Assistant Professor

University of Michigan

POLSCI 160: Introduction to World Politics (Undergraduate)

Spring 2013, Course Instructor

POLSCI 369: International Economic Relations (Undergraduate) with Andrew Kerner

Winter 2013, Graduate Student Instructor

POLSCI 160: Introduction to World Politics (Undergraduate) with James Morrow and Allan Stam

Fall 2012 & Winter 2012, Graduate Student Instructor

POLSCI 391: Modeling Political Processes (Undergraduate) with Scott Page

Fall 2011, Graduate Student Instructor

Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR)

Advanced Game Theory (Graduate) with James Morrow

Summer 2013 & 2014, Teaching Assistant